Holektiv Eva Stará [CZ] MASS

This summer, invited by Spoffin, Eva Stará and director Jindřiška Křivánková will work in residence for a week on the outdoor version of MASS, which will premiere during Spoffin. Stará played with Holektiv ‘The Aviatrices’ at Spoffin in 2021. Křivánková was a guest at the festival in 2016 with the much-discussed performance ‘Antiwords’ by Spitfire Company.

In the MASS project, Stará and Křivánková focus on research into the theme of self-awareness and self-determination. They analyze the tools and methods we use as humans to construct our own reality and identity in the context of today's society.

How do we analyze and assess ourselves? What things help us to be truly true to ourselves without just fulfilling the expectations of others?

We are all part of a crowd, we are all influenced by the images around us and in spite of all our futile attempts and struggles to be original, we all become part of a unified mass made up of all other beings.


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Discipline: dance
Duration: 45 minuten
Language: -
Age: 12

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Day Time Venue Submission Put in agenda
Fri 26 Aug 2022 18.00-18.45 Pay what you can afford iCal Outlook / iCal
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Fri 26 Aug 2022 20.00-20.45 Pay what you can afford iCal Outlook / iCal
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