Marte Boneschansker [NL] BLOOS de mannen

Tough men. Sweet men. Gentle men. Horny men. Crying men. Dancing men. Angry men. Sad men. Silent men. Seeking men. Dreaming men. Wild men. Scared men. Caring men. Smiling men. Blushing men. All men.

For ‘BLOOS de mannen’, Marte Boneschansker talked to men between the age of ten and a hundred years old about intimacy, sensuality and desire. How do they define their manhood? When do they love their bodies and who are they beyond that body? Their experiences are shared in a stimulating audio experience.

Laying in a single-person cocoon, you listen to the recordings of these conversations. Each cocoon takes you into the mysterious emotional world of a different generation of men, with its own design, effect and musical composition. The cocoon moves, twists and vibrates. In ‘BLOOS de mannen’ you surrender to a sensual sensory experience.

In 2018, Marte created BLOOS: an audio performance in which her audience listened to stories about female intimacy while lying in bed. ‘BLOOS de mannen’ is the long-awaited sequel to this. This performance is offered in collaboration with Theater De Lieve Vrouw.

Trigger Warning: one of the audio clips contains content that can be experienced as shocking. It is possible to skip this part of the performance.

 Marte Boneschansker

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Discipline: immersive theatre
Duration: 35 minuten
Language: NL
Age: 16+

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Sat 28 Aug 2021 14.00-18.15 € 12,50 - BUY NOW iCal Outlook / iCal
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Matthijs Janssen – 27-08-2021 16:51

Ongelooflijk rakende ervaring.

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