Gracie and Cristian [IE/ES] Fling

Taking techniques from hula hoops, acrobatics, hoop diving and juggling and using a common language of movement, Fling explores the two different meanings of this word. First in the literal sense of to fling and throw hoops and bodies and second 'a short period of enjoyment or wild behavior'. Fling shows a playful relationship of two different people from different worlds and how they interact with each other. Showing themes of territory and personal space this show will take us through emotions of frustration, calm and how to 'be' with another person. This show incorporates shadows and silhouettes to add a hint of magic.

Gracie&Cristian is a new collaboration between Irish hula hooper Gracie May Marshall & Spanish Acrobat Cristian Fierro. They met in Madrid and the collaboration was born, first as a circus number and little by little, after passing through cabarets and festivals, as a thirty minute show. Cristian and Gracie form a beautiful and honest duo creating their own language together that is as much accessible as it is fun and original.

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Discipline: circus
Duration: 30 minuten
Language: -

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