Spoffin breaks records with 40,000 visitors

The show 2CV - Ente Gut, Alles Gut van Bängditos was one of the big attractions of Spoffin 2022.

A promise from 2020, fulfilled in 2022. During the last weekend of August, the Spoffin festival took over the city center of Amersfoort! Without any corona-measures, just as usual: with a special program full of artists from the Netherlands and abroad, the twelfth edition of the festival for street and location theater in Amersfoort was a success. Spoffin 2022 attracted about 40,000 visitors over the entire weekend.

Artistic director Alfred Konijnenbelt looks back on a sunny, well-attended and above all successful Spoffin 2022. More than 27 acts from the Netherlands and abroad made their appearance at the twelfth edition of Spoffin. ,,This year I tried to create a much lighter, more accessible programme, and that was a good choice,' says Konijnenbelt. ,,We have put on a number of performances that appeal to a wide audience. Such as Bängditos, Blaas of Glory, Firebirds and especially the breakdance battles of FreeDOM City. That was such a party! It makes you feel so good and it's very festive. This year I decided: it doesn't have to be so serious, it could be a little more loose."

However, more serious performances also found their way to the twelfth edition of Spoffin. “I personally thought INO Kollektiv was very beautiful, just like Knot On Hands,” says Konijnenbelt. ,,Knot On Hands presented a completely different form of acrobatics, which was wonderful to see. Le Grand Jeté! I also found a nice surprise, with special use of the space. Very ingenious.''

VKZ Spoffin OFF Award
This year the VKZ Spoffin OFF Award was also back on Spoffin after seven years. The Spanish/Israeli company Wonderground won the VKZ Spoffin OFF Award 2022 during Spoffin's Sunday. The act received the award from Alfred Konijnenbelt, and with it a cash prize of € 2,500 for creating a new performance.

After corona
Last year Spoffin was able to continue within the corona measures, a big difference with this year's edition. This twelfth edition of Spoffin could take place under normal circumstances. ,,It was a little stressful every now and then to get everything off the ground, but that was mainly behind the scenes. It was nice to see all the happy faces at our festival again this weekend and not have to take measures into account. That makes me happy."

Spoffin 2023
The plans for Spoffin 2023 are already ready, because on 25, 26 and 27 August 2023 the festival will take over the city center of Amersfoort again. The focus country will be Italy that year, and Konijnenbelt is already busy programming artists from that country. Keep an eye on Spoffin's website and social media for more information about the next edition.

  August 29, 2022

 Spoffin 2022 aftermovie by Beeldenmakerij/Pieter Leijten

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