Everything you need to know about Spoffin 2021

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We’re very pleased and grateful we are able to organize Spoffin again this year! Because of COVID, some things will be different from our last editions. The most important information is to be found here.


The main point of information is located in Plantsoen West, near the Koppelpoort. You can find the booklets with information about the artists (in Dutch) here. You can also get your copy of the timetable at this point.
We also sell Spoffin merchandise! Get your limited edition Spoffin-bag, reusable water bottle or Spoffin flag here.
Due to COVID measures, things can change at the last minute. The latest information can be found here on the website, on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and in our app. More about the app is coming up...
Spoffin has an app this year! All info can be found in the TimeSquare-app. You can download this app in the Playstore or Appstore. Once you’ve downloaded the app, search for Spoffin. You will find the latest news, timetable and all our locations. You can also buy tickets or make a reservation for a certain show.
During the show
Most of the shows are free to access. You pay what you like after the performance. Show your appreciation and give generously! You can pay cash or by card. Artists who perform at Spoffin are professionals and they live of their work.
Due to COVID, some shows are only accessible if you make a (free) reservation. You need one for MAN || CO, Gracie & Cristian and Guido van Hout & Arthur Wagenaar. Tickets are sold through our website and our app.
During the shows, you and your household will be seated on one of the tiles. Please do not move those tiles. This way, we’re able to maintain social distancing. We like to ask you to listen to the Spoffin-volunteers before, during and after the show. Doors for all shows will open 15 minutes before the show starts. Please find a spot and do not move until the show is over. Are all seats taken? We want to ask you to move on, please try to get your spot for the next show.
There is at least one volunteer with every show. Questions? Ask someone with a purple Spoffin-tshirt.
Rainy days
If it seems the weather is going to turn, it’s possible a show is being cancelled, moved or postponed. Latest news can be found at our website, app, social media and volunteers. Make sure the push notifications in the app are on!
Every festival location should be available for people in wheelchairs. Sometimes it can be needed to get a little help from our organization. Please let us know if or when you need help. We’re happy to get you the help you need.
More information about accessibility at locations Elleboogkerk and St. Joseph will follow.
First aid
There is no fixed spot for first aid. Need help? Ask one of the people in a purple t-shirt with our logo on it. They can get you to a first aid worker. Or a first aid worker to you.
Need to pee? Check out one of the local bars or restaurants. Combine your visit with a drink, great lunch or a snack.
Ticket sales
Some shows are only accessible with a ticket or reservation. Please get your ticket or (free) reservation through our website or app. Pricing can be found on the page of the artist’s show you want to purchase a ticket for. You pay your ticket when ordering and you’ll get your ticket by email. There’s a unique QR-code on the ticket that will be scanned at the entrance of the show.
Buying a ticket online or making a reservation online, is available until 30 minutes before the show starts. After that, there will only be tickets available at the door - if there are still tickets left.
How to get there
We love it that so many people decide to get to Spoffin by bike! Please park your bike at places meant for bike parking. There are several secured bike sheds and some unsecured. Do check until what time the parkings are open to make sure you don’t have to walk home. Parking your bike outside of the parking areas? There’s a chance the city of Amersfoort will remove your bike. We would like to ask you to really park your bike in the spots meant for parking your bike. This way, the city is accessible for everyone.
If you’re taking the bus, leave the bus at stations Centrum or Stadhuis. You can also take the car, but please note you’re not allowed in the old town if you don’t have an exemption. You can park in the parking garages.

  August 17, 2021

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