Spoffin 2021 will happen and we're excited!

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It has been uncertain for a while, but we can finally announce that Spoffin 2021 is going to happen! We’re very excited to have you in and around the city center of Amersfoort in the last weekend of August. We’re proud of the artists and groups we’re welcoming into our city.
We cannot wait to show you all these great shows during the festival. The program contains around 25 fantastic acts that will perform on the 27th, 28th and 29th of August. Because there are still some COVID-measurements in place, we’re adjusting a few things. Spoffin will be slightly different this year.

Locations are smaller

To maintain social distancing and therefore the safety of everyone who’s joining us at Spoffin, we’re changing the locations of the shows. Usually, the shows are in the streets and on the squares. This year, we choose smaller and more intimate locations.
We sat down with the owners of the restaurants and bars on the squares and mutually decided there will not be programming on the Hof and little shows on the Lieve Vrouwekerkhof. The shows will be in the city center but at the more hidden and quieter spots. This will make it easier for everyone to keep the social distancing rules.
No negative tests or proof of vaccinations
We want to make sure everyone feels welcome to come to Spoffin and we want to make it as easy as possible. This is why we decided not to test our audience and you don’t need to have proof of vaccination. This means that we’re keeping the social distancing rules. If the Dutch government makes any changes in the rules for festivals, we’ll make sure to let you know.
More practical information about Spoffin will follow soon. Want to volunteer during the festival? Applications will be open on the 25th of June. Are you a photographer or social media hero and do you want to volunteer in our media team? Please don’t hesitate to send an email to marketing@spoffin.nl">marketing@spoffin.nl">marketing@spoffin.nl">marketing@spoffin.nl">marketing@spoffin.nl">marketing@spoffin.nl">marketing@spoffin.nl">marketing@spoffin.nl">marketing@spoffin.nl">marketing@spoffin.nl">marketing@spoffin.nl">marketing@spoffin.nl">marketing@spoffin.nl">marketing@spoffin.nl">marketing@spoffin.nl">marketing@spoffin.nl">marketing@spoffin.nl">marketing@spoffin.nl">marketing@spoffin.nl">marketing@spoffin.nl">marketing@spoffin.nl">marketing@spoffin.nl">marketing@spoffin.nl">marketing@spoffin.nl">marketing@spoffin.nl">marketing@spoffin.nl">marketing@spoffin.nl">marketing@spoffin.nl">marketing@spoffin.nl">marketing@spoffin.nl">marketing@spoffin.nl">marketing@spoffin.nl!
Focusing on The Netherlands
In the program, Spoffin focuses on one specific country each year. This year, the focus will be The Netherlands! That means we’ve invited a lot of great artists and acts from our own country. Among those artists are Anne Chris van Doesburg, Arnhemse Meisjes, Daphne Gakes and our local Lejo.
You can also see a wonderful performance of Sky Motion, the group that did a vertical dance on the Lieve Vrouwetoren during Kings Day 2019.
Artists from abroad
You’ll also find a few non-Dutch artists on our schedule. Spoffin is part of the project Roundabout Europe. Five artists will do a residency at two festivals in Europe. Three of them will perform during Spoffin this year. Gracie & Cristian (Ireland/Spain), Etta Ermini (Morocco/Switzerland/UK) and Holektiv (Czech Republic) will perform their show. More information on this project that is financed by Creative Europe, can be found on Roundabouteurope.eu.
De Lieve Vrouw and FLUOR
Spoffin is joining forces with two cultural institutes in Amersfoort. Theater De Lieve Vrouw and music venue FLUOR will create a program within their own expertise. You can expect some awesome musical performances programmed by FLUOR and De Lieve Vrouw will program a unique location theater act. More information on both programs will follow soon.

  June 14, 2021

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